The Akron-Canton Dart Club (known as ACDC) organizes and runs weekly league(s) competition within a 30 circular mile radius of 4025 Tuscarawas St W, Canton, Ohio 44708. Additionally, ACDC is an active member of the American Darting Association (known as ADO) and we run several competitions in conjunction with the ADO. Winners of these events are given the opportunity to compete regionally, nationally, and internationally.

The objectives of the ACDC are to:

  • Promote competitive English (steel-tip) darts within the Akron-Canton and surrounding areas
  • Sanction league and tournament play according to the Rules and Regulations of the ACDC By-Laws and ADO By-Laws
  • Establish and maintain friendly, competitive relationships with similar organizations in the sport of English darts

Membership is open to anyone 21 years of age and they agree to abide by the standards set by ACDC & ADO. Members of ACDC prevailing attitude is sportsmanship and promotion of English (steel tip) darts.

ACDC was established in the summer of 1981 and we are proud of our long tradition of serving the Akron-Canton community.